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About Jomansa Group

We create & build ultimate Businesses.

The Jomansa Group is a conglamarote of companies headed by Ali Jomansa.

Jomansa Group are a dynamic business with big ambitions for it’s members, the Group help it’s members develop their business.

The company believes that success in business comes from being open-minded and embracing the wider community. Hence our emphasis on a wide variety of projects such as True Care Foundation and Quint Education. We’re committed to helping our members find new opportunities on both an economic and social level. 

We understand that who you know is critical for sales success. “People buy people”. That’s why networking and making valuable introductions is at the heart of what we do at the Jomansa Group. Whether you’re an individual entrepreneur, small or medium sized firm, large corporate or global enterprise, it’s hard to do business if you aren’t making the right connections.

View below the range of projects and businesses that we have created internationally to high levels of excellence.

Jomansa Group Projects

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